About Me

I have an affinity for the ocean. It’s beauty and mystery stir a creativity in me that I can only explain with a brush in hand.



Using acrylic paints on wood is my unique contribution to the art community. The textures and grains of the wood I choose, combined with vibrant pops of color, play well together in visually interesting ways.

The Tides That Bind

a word from the artist

As a young girl growing up in Philomath, I remember taking trips to the coast and spending hours watching the waves, taking in the salt air, and combing the beach for treasures. I never missed an opportunity to put my bare toes in the sand.

I have an affinity for the ocean, with all of her beauty and rage. The ebb and flow of her delicate fragility and ferocity commands respect, and inspires me in a way that can only be expressed with paint and brush in hand.

My passion for decades, I have been fortunate to always have art somehow intertwined in my life – designing team shirts, running a comic strip in the Gazette-Times, illustrating children’s books, and even becoming a licensed tattoo artist for a time. 

Now, with the support of my loving family, I have the privilege to be a full-time painter, and I am living my dream!

My work is best known for its colorful depictions of marine life. Most of my pieces incorporate reclaimed, locally-sourced wood canvas using acrylic paints. As an adult, I still comb the beaches for my treasures, now turning them into my works of art.

I have recently started to dabble in the unique drama of monochromatic pieces, playing with different variations of one color. One of my newfound mediums for this kind of painting is coffee, still always keeping the ocean close to the heart of it all.

My hope is that you will look at each piece of my art and feel a sense of communion with our big, blue sister, as we are all in one way or another connected to The Tides That Bind.


The iconic Bob Ross
Fellow lover of the ocean, Robert Wyland


Corvallis Arts Center – Spring 2020
Luca, 2nd place People’s Choice Award of 250 entries

Outstanding Public Art – 2021
Downtown Corvallis Association 2021 Design Award 

Schedule of Events

Are You Jelly?

Oakshire Brewing in Eugene

Opening night: 4/28 2023 at 6pm.

The show will remain on display thru 5/23.

Featured Work

Courtney Marchesi Art has been sold in coastal galleries in Newport, Oregon. Works have been featured in several businesses over the years during the Corvallis Arts Walk. Other featured artist showcases in the Willamette Valley have included Oakshire Brewing Company and Ninkasi Brewing, both in Eugene.

Commissioned Murals

"We're All in this Together" was a collaboration piece of an anatomical heart located on 5th & Madison Ave in Corvallis.

“The Sea Turtle Mural” is located outside of Local Boyz Hawaiian Cafe in Corvallis.

"Kraken" located inside of a Corvallis store, Kraken Cards.

“Ollie the Otter" is located in the alley between 2nd & 3rd off Madison Ave in downtown Corvallis.