About Me

For as long as I can remember, I have felt a profound connection to all the lives we share on this planet; our “kindred spirits” as I like to say. And while the mystery and beauty of the ocean speaks to me deeply and shows up often in my paintings, my love for all living beings, including those on land and in the sky, hold a special place in my heart that I can only describe with a paintbrush in hand.



Using acrylic and oil paints, I work to bring these kindred spirits into our foreground and us into their world. My hope is that you, the viewer, will see my portraits of life and feel a deeper connection to that being, that life, and to all of nature.

My Backstory

As a young girl growing up in Philomath, Oregon, I remember taking trips to the coast and spending hours watching the waves, taking in the salt air and combing the beach for treasures. I never missed an opportunity to put my bare toes in the sand.

My family went camping in the summers and I remember spending hours and hours exploring in the lush forest and in the high desert.

And the pets! We always had several growing up. From dogs and cats to ducks and rabbits, horses and geese and more. We even had a mean, old rooster named Malcolm who would chase my sister and I through the yard. I loved them all like family. Even Malcolm.

Alongside my passion for animals and nature, art has always been very dear to my heart. As a quiet and shy child, animals were my peers and art was my safety. The animals always listened, never judging or cruel, and art gave me the ability to shine in ways I never thought I could in other parts of my life. Both got me through the hard times growing up. They were my foundation. It only seemed natural to hold the two together in my path moving forward.

With the support of my loving family, I now have the privilege to be a full-time artist. And in painting the portraits of these kindred spirits of ours, I am so excited to share these beautiful lives with you!


The iconic Bob Ross
Fellow lover of the ocean, Robert Wyland


Corvallis Arts Center – Spring 2020
Luca, 2nd place People’s Choice Award of 250 entries

Outstanding Public Art – 2021
Downtown Corvallis Association 2021 Design Award 

Schedule of Events

May 11-12, Art in the Garden located at The Thyme Garden, Alsea, OR

May 29-June 26, Solo Show located at Oakshire Brewing, Eugene, OR

July 20-21, Art and Wine in the Garden located at Garland Nursery, Corvallis, OR

Featured Work

Courtney Marchesi Art has been sold in Oregon coastal galleries of Newport and Florence. Works have also been featured in several businesses over the years during the Corvallis Arts Walk, as well as public mural art in and around the Corvallis area. Other featured artist showcases in the Willamette Valley have included Oakshire Brewing Company and Ninkasi Brewing, both in Eugene.

Commissioned Murals

"We're All in this Together" was a collaboration piece of an anatomical heart located on 5th & Madison Ave in Corvallis.

“The Sea Turtle Mural” is located outside of Local Boyz Hawaiian Cafe in Corvallis.

"Kraken" located inside of a Corvallis store, Kraken Cards.

“Ollie the Otter" is located in the alley between 2nd & 3rd off Madison Ave in downtown Corvallis.